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The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) is the largest teaching union in Scotland. Founded in 1847 the EIS is also the oldest teaching union in the world.

  • We have developed a central role as one of the most respected voices in education in Scotland.
  • More information about our history, from its origins to the present day, can be found in our history section.
  • Since the 1970s we have played a full part in the trade union movement in Scotland, across the UK and internationally. Follow the links here for more information about the institute’s trade union and its international activities.
  • The EIS develop policies aimed at advising and supporting members in all areas of education in all types of establishment.

Currently there are representatives on various groups considering developments in relation to Curriculum for Excellence.

We have developed policies covering the full range of educational and professional issues which impact on teachers in nursery, primary secondary and special schools.

We also respond to consultative documents on educational matters from the Scottish Government and other national bodies.

The EIS works closely with government and other governmental bodies on a range of education issues. In these discussions, all senior EIS representatives are informed by developed EIS policy on educational matters. A full list of policy documents is available online here.

We campaign for quality continuing professional development for all teachers and, in partnership with a number of university providers have responsibility for delivering a growing number of CPD opportunities.

Increasingly our policy development work includes information and advice which can be used as a resource for teachers. These include the following:


  • Putting Teachers at the Heart of Health Promoting Schools
  • Supporting Teachers, Tackling Indiscipline
  • Inclusive Education


Print versions of these and other documents can be ordered direct from the EIS. (Subject to print availability).

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