In the wider world, we play an active and prominent part in the major teacher international organisation, Education International representing over 20 million teachers from 300 teacher organisations in over 140 countries and the European Trade Union Committee for Education ETUCE
We have contributed generously in appeals for aid, for example in developing countries, setting aside 1% of our subscriptions for this purpose.

Development Co-Operation Fund

  • $40,000 to EI Proposal Projects
    (joint cost with ASTI & INTO)
  • £4264 Oxfam Southern Africa Crisis Appeal
  • £4264 TUC Appeal for Emergency Aid for relief in the West Bank and Gaza

EI Action Appeals

  • $50,000 to EIS Proposal Projects
    (joint costs with ASTI and INTO)

Political Contributions Fund

  • $7000 to the EI Solidarity Fund (for the children of Afghan refugees and humanitarian work)