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Support for Arts

The EIS contributes 0.5% of its annual subscription income to arts projects involving schools and young people.

All projects funded by the EIS are focused on school children from a number of schools either as participants or the targeted audience.

In recent years beneficiaries have included the children’s programme as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, children’s performances at Celtic Connections, Scottish Youth Dance, Licketyspit Theatre Company, Fablevision, Scottish Poetry Library and the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland.

Our policy to ensure that there is a reasonable geographical spread among the many projects to reflect the diversity of communities, and schools in Scotland.

We ensure funding to a reasonable spread of art forms supported. In recent years, supported projects have involved book reading, drama, dance, music, puppetry and audio-visual work. 

EIS Criteria for Sponsorship of the Arts
1. The main criterion, as established by the EIS Council at the time of inauguration of the scheme, was
"that projects should be focused on school children either as participants or as targeted audience”.
2. Four subsidiary criteria have been developed by the Education Committee, viz:-
  • that projects confined to one school should not be supported
  • that the EIS should not support projects where the focus is on areas of the school curriculum or on other areas which are properly the responsibility of the education authority. (Projects created by education authorities on an "arm’s length” basis are carefully scrutinised but have sometimes been supported.)
  • there should be a reasonable geographical spread among the projects to be supported in any one session
  • there should be a reasonable spread of art forms supported in any one session

For further information on EIS Arts Sponsorship and to obtain an application form contact


"After our bus journey through to Edinburgh we arrived in Charlotte Square. It was amazing, all filled with tents and there was grass and lots of places to sit. First of all we visited the Bookshop. We enjoyed looking at all the books and there was a book corner where we could sit and read. There were big books with great pictures which were good for pupils who cannot see or read very well. There were three "book doctors” who asked us questions about what kind of books we like to read and then recommended books for us.

The weather was lovely and we had our packed lunches sitting outside in the sunshine. Then we had ice creams. While we were finishing our ice creams a magician called Tricky Ricky came up and showed us some really good tricks.

After lunch we went to an author event. It was Louise Arnold, who wrote "The Invisible Friend” and "Ghost School”. Louise talked to us about how she gets her ideas for writing books and how she got her books published. She told us about her life as a writer, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. The audience asked lots of questions and she answered all of them.

Then it was time to go back on the bus. We had a great day and we would like to go back next year.”Rachelle Lyon and Becky Townsley, Sanderson School. (Childrens’ Gala Day at Edinburgh International Book Festival August 2006)

---And a Writer

"I'm always delighted to meet with school children, because when I was growing up I always pictured authors as these elusive, mystical creatures, fascinating and yet quite unachievable. I hope that by coming to these talks, meeting people, chatting and answering questions, I help to dispel that myth and show that writers are just normal people. Everyone should have a passion in their life, something that makes them talk a little faster, sit up a little straighter, and make their eyes a little wider. For me it is, and always has been, writing.”– Louise Arnold

Louise Arnold’s first book,The Invisible Friend, was the winner of the BBC News creative writing competition in 2003. Before becoming a children’s writer, Louise completed a degree in drama where she specialised in stand-up comedy.

For further information on EIS Arts Sponsorship and to obtain an application form contact

EIS and Sponsoship of the arts

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