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Trade Union Activities

The EIS is a Trade Union. Since the 1970s, we have played a full part in the trade union movement in Scotland, the rest of the United Kingdom and in international teacher affairs through affiliation to and active participation in the following trade union organisations.

In recent years the EIS has played an increasingly important role in trade union work.

As a trade union we have a commitment to high standards of education and to a society which offers young people the best opportunities in education, training as well as social and cultural development.

The EIS donates 0.5% of its subscription income to sponsorship of the arts in Scotland.
In addition to our professional role, the EIS has through the years developed its function of seeking to improve and protect the pay and conditions of service of teachers and lecturers in Scotland at both a national and local level.
In recent years in particular, we have also played an important role in the campaign to protect the distinctive nature of Scottish education and the quality of education service provided in this country.
We campaigned for the setting up of a Scottish Parliament and work actively with MSPs and the Parliament’s committees.
Pay and Conditions of Service
We negotiate on all matters of pay and conditions of service on behalf of school teachers with local authority and government representatives within the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT).

Within the committee, we are not only the largest union represented, but also have the overall majority on the teachers’ side. We are committed to seeking improvement in teaching salaries and in conditions of service.

EIS is a trade union