Child Poverty Campaign

Poverty can have a devastating impact on the educational achievements of children and young people.

The EIS Equality Committee are committed to a campaign which will highlight the causes and consequences of such disadvantage and hope to influence the key decision makers in Scottish society to improve the life chances of our children and young people in Scottish schools. However, we can only achieve this with your assistance. 

If you want to receive regular updates on the progress of the campaign, please follow the EIS on Twitter @EISUnion.

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Face up to Child Poverty Survey

09 February 2018

Findings from out 2016 survey regarding how poverty affects children in the classroom.
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Poverty-Proofing your School

13 February 2018

the Equality Department has prepared a package of resources to assist EIS members in schoo ...
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Results of EIS Child Poverty Survey Make Sobering Reading

19 February 2018

The EIS has launched a summary report of a member survey on the impact of poverty in educa ...
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Thatcherite legacy must be challenged to tackle child poverty

19 February 2018

Speaking at an EIS Education Conference in Glasgow, which explored the impact of poverty o ...
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