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Political Fund Ballot: Now Open

The Ballot is now closed.

The EIS political fund allows us to campaign on the issues that matter most to you.

The EIS political fund does not pay into or contribute to any political party. The EIS has always been and will continue to be, completely politically independent and free of party political affiliation.

The EIS is a campaigning union and a yes vote in the ballot will allow us to continue our work in this important field.

We protect and advance the interests of our members by negotiating with employers on matters such as pay, hours, working conditions and pensions. We also provide support and protection to members when they are most needed.

However, the interests and welfare of our members can also be affected by events elsewhere such as, the state of the economy, the policies of local and central government and legal provisions governing, for example, employment, which is why a political fund is so important.

In order to defend our members’ interests in Scottish Parliament, UK parliament and on all matters of government policy and legislation, the law requires trade unions to have a political fund. Without such a fund, we could be prevented from lobbying to change policies or legislation which affect members’ working lives.

While the EIS will always be a trade union first and foremost, we are also a professional association with a commitment to campaign for, promote and defend education in the political arena. The retention of the political fund will allow us to continue this vital work.

It will secure our ability to continue to campaign for Scottish education, its teachers, lecturers, pupils and students.

Maintain the EIS Political Fund – VOTE YES!

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