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CfE Primary & Early Years Bulletin November 2012

Curriculum for Excellence implementation issues quite rightly featured highly on the agenda at our last national AGM in Dundee back in June.

As a trade union, we continue to take every available opportunity to highlight ongoing issues such as increasing workload burdens, lack of adequate time and resources as well as specific issues, some of which will have a sectoral focus.

EIS Representatives recently met with members of the Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Group to discuss a range of issues raised by members in primary schools - unacceptable forms and levels of forward planning; difficulties with trying to effectively implement profiling as an integral part of learning and teaching; increasingly time-consuming methods of reporting.......and so on!

At meetings with Education Scotland and other key stakeholders in Scottish education, we will keep on raising awareness of how primary colleagues view the unacceptable demands being placed upon them (many of a bureaucratic nature) - demands which can impact negatively on their ability to get on with the job of teaching and which run contrary to the principles and spirit of Curriculum for Excellence”.

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A Secondary CfE Bulletin is currently being produced and will be distributed soon.


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