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Education Updates

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12 May 2014
Route Maps Through Assessment
Key guidelines, advice and support
15 January 2014
SQA Additional Support Materials for Nationals
SQA Additional Support Materials for Nationals
30 December 2013
Accountability is vital
EIS reaffirms belief that comprehensive schooling offers best model
27 December 2013
Calls for anti-racist education
An evaluation discovered few anti-racist policies
04 December 2013
Caution on Judging PISA Results
The EIS and The SSTA have noted todayís publication of PISA testing data but urged caution in how this data is viewed.
22 November 2013
EIS Welcomes Decision on New Higher Opt-out
The EIS has welcomed today's news that Scotland's secondary schools will be able to choose which version of the Higher exam that pupils should study towards next year.
21 November 2013
EIS Comment on Mobile Technology in Schools
EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan comments on the Scottish Government's publication of Guidance on the Safe and Responsible use of Mobile Technology in Schools.
18 November 2013
Comment on changes to School Closure procedures
EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan has commented on Scottish Government changes to school closures
03 September 2013
EIS Gives Evidence at Holyrood on Children & Young People Bill
The EIS Gives Evidence at Holyrood on Children & Young People Bill
28 May 2013
EIS appeals legal ruling in defence of nursery education & teaching
The EIS believes that qualified nursery teachers are an essential part of quality education provision in nursery schools. The EIS is appealing this decision to ensure that nursery-aged children can have meaningful access to a teacher in their school envir
24 April 2013
Literacy Report Paints Positive Picture for Scottish Education
The EIS has noted the publication of the results of the Scottish Survey of Literacy today and highlighted the strong levels of pupil performance and the encouraging indicators that the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence is progressing well
01 February 2013
Scottish Government teacher training boost Ė EIS comment
Commenting on the news today that the Scottish Government is to provide an additional £2.9M to enable an extra 370 people to undertake teacher training this year at Scottish universities, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:
21 January 2013
EIS welcomes involvement in new commission for young people
The EIS has noted the establishment of a Commission for Developing Scotlandís Young Workforce, and welcomed the Commissionís intention to work closely with the EIS and other prominent organisations to develop better post-16 opportunities for young people.
20 December 2012
Scrooge Russell Delivers Christmas Whammy to Teachers
The Scottish Government has today, Thursday, released a consultation on a proposed increase to the contribution rate for the Scottish teachersí pension scheme. The proposed increase, which follows on from a similar increase last year, is for a further 1.
18 December 2012
Scottish schools online data should not feed league-table agenda
The EIS understands the requirement for such data to be published, but says it should not be abused to construct the type of flawed and damaging Ďleague tablesí of schools that have been seen in the past.
11 December 2012
Teacher numbers welcome, growth of temp contracts a concern
Following the publication of the 2012 census data the EIS provided a cautious welcome for the figures provided by Scottish Government.
07 December 2012
GTCS survey of newly qualified teacher employment - EIS response
The EIS believes that the survey identifies a welcome improvement in the job prospects for newly qualified teachers, but also warns that more needs to be done to ensure that all new teachers have reasonable opportunities to gain stable and secure employme
12 November 2012
Review of GTCS Professional Standards
A full copy of the EIS response to the Review of GTCS Professional Standards and covering letter can be downloaded in the pdf format.
08 November 2012
EIS calls for an end to national variation in Pre-5 teacher access
EIS calls on the Scottish Government to introduce national, legally enforceable standards on access by pre-five children to a qualified GTCS registered teacher
06 November 2012
EIS welcomes involvement in teacher education group
The EIS has welcomed todayís announcement of a new National Implementation Group to address the recommendations of the Teaching Scotlandís Future Report.
02 October 2012
Report highlights continuing problem of low-level indiscipline
This unacceptable behaviour by a small number of pupils continues to blight the working lives of teachers, and damage the educational experience for the vast majority of pupils who are well behaved and eager to learn.
25 September 2012
GTCS Revision of Standards
The General Teaching Council for Scotland has launched a consultation on the revision of all of the Scottish Teacher Education Standards.
19 September 2012
EIS and SPTC form partnership for Scottish Education
The EIS has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Scottish Parent Teacher Council (SPTC).
18 September 2012
Memorandum of Understanding between the SPTC and the EIS
This Memorandum is based on a mutual understanding of the distinct values and roles of each organisation and provides a framework for developing a genuine partnership.
11 September 2012
International report highlights both strengths of and challenges for Scottish Education
A major international education Report has highlighted the many strengths of Scottish Education, and also a number of challenges that must be met to deliver an improved educational experience for learners
07 August 2012
Strong exam results are good news for Scottish pupils
The EIS congratulates Scotlandís pupils and teachers for another year of examinations success. While it is always difficult to compare trends in examinations results due to varying levels of difficulty in exam papers and the variable of different pupil c
19 July 2012
EIS will continue to argue for nursery education to be delivered by qualified teachers
Speaking yesterday of the decision of the Court of Session to dismiss the petition raised by the EIS Assistant Secretary Drew Morrice stated.
26 June 2012
Work and Wellbeing Research Project
I would be so grateful for your kind consideration of this invitation to participate in my research project on Work and Wellbeing. The survey is conducted entirely online and does not take very long to complete (20-30 minutes).
15 June 2012
Employment statistics for newly qualified teachers - EIS response
These figures show that employment prospects for newly qualified teachers have improved over the past year, though much more still needs to be done to ensure that sufficient numbers of stable employment opportunities are made available across Scotland
01 June 2012
EIS calls for all sixteen and seventeen year olds to have a say in Scotland's future
Extending the franchise to 16 and 17 year olds will help to foster active citizenship by giving young people a greater say in the decisions that will affect them now and in the future.
20 March 2012
Education manifesto for 2012 council elections
The EIS is politically independent and does not support any political party, but is highlighting the key priorities for Scottish education and urging all political parties and all council candidates to take note and to pledge their support for education
09 February 2012
EIS Condemns Scrapping Of Scotlandís Chartered Teacher Scheme
Scotlandís largest teaching union, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), has condemned todayís announcement that Scotlandís Chartered Teacher scheme is to be scrapped.
28 January 2012
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society - Poster Competition for Schools
The annual Poster Competition for Schools
20 January 2012
Cuts to Psychologist Training Will Damage Educational Support
News Release on cuts to psychologist training
20 January 2012
Letter to Michael Russell from Drew Morrice
Proposed cuts to Post Graduate Professional Training of Educational Psychologists
16 January 2012
New SQA appeals system - EIS response
Responding to today's announcement of a new exams appeals system by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA),
07 December 2011
EIS welcomes teacher numbers, but education challenges remain
EIS has welcomed todayís news that local authorities have met the target figure of 51,131 full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers in employment in Scotlandís schools.
12 October 2011
SJCRME: RME and Religious Observance Ė A Position Paper
This short paper is offered by the Scottish Joint Committee on Religious and Moral Education (SJCRME) to support schools in developing their understanding of the complementary but distinct concepts of personal search in Religious Observance (RO) and Relig
27 September 2011
SQA New Qualifications - Update
On 31 August 2011 SQA published the latest draft documents for
19 May 2011
Appointment of New Scottish Cabinet: EIS comment
Noting the announcement that Mike Russell MSP will remain in the post of Cabinet Secretary (Education and Lifelong Learning), EIS General Secretary Ronnie Smith said:
11 February 2011
Manifesto for Education video: Ronnie Smith speaks at the 2011 Manifesto launch
Manifesto for Education video: Scottish Parliamentary Elections May 2011 - Ronnie Smith speaks at the 2011 Manifesto launch
13 November 2008
EIS Leadership Publication
The EIS has launched a new publication that aims to foster and promote leadership in Scotland's schools.