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Resources & teaching materials

Amnesty International produces a range of education resources, linked to Curriculum for Excellence, to help teachers in Scotland bring human rights into the classroom. 

Happy 50th Birthday Amnesty: order your speak free pack
Celebrate 50 years of human rights campaigning - introduce students to the work of Amnesty International, explore the right to freedom of expression and get creative campaigning. To order your free pack visit:  
Primary School
A free resource of ten interactive lesson plans and activities to introduce human rights to pupils aged five to eleven years old.
These lessons will help provide pupils with an understanding of their own human rights and the values and attitudes that underpin them, and to foster attitudes of respect and an appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual.
Pupils will also develop skills to enable them to take action to defend human rights.
Secondary School
Poverty is a human rights issue: around the world, people living in poverty are frequently denied the full range of human rights.
Through the Poverty and Human Rights lessons, assembly and films of residents of the Deep Sea community in Kenya explaining their fight for human rights, students aged 14+ across the curriculum will learn about the impact of poverty, and begin to understand what changes are needed to improve everyone's right to live with dignity.

Visit the Amnesty International website to access a range of free teaching resources, sign up to the free e-zine for teachers or invite an Amnesty speaker to your school.



Visit the Amnesty International website to access a range of free teaching resources.
Sign up to the free e-zine for teachers or invite an Amnesty speaker to your school.