The report on the 2014 TUC health and safety representatives survey has now been published and is available here.
The five most frequently cited hazards in 2014 were stress, bullying/harassment, overwork, back strains and slips, trips and falls on a level.  Stress is still the stand-out health and safety concern, identified as a top-five hazard by two-thirds of safety reps in the survey. However, the five main hazards of concern for the education sector were
  1. Stress (84%)
  2. Overwork (62%)
  3. Bullying/harassment (56%)
  4. Long hours (33%)
  5. High temperatures (27%)


The one significant change was that concern about high temperatures entered to the top five list, replacing violence. 


This TUC survey should be read in conjunction with the latest statistics on work-related health and safety in Great Britain 2013/14 published by the Health and Safety Executive.  Latest statistics can be found here.