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Health & Safety Policies & Publications

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08 April 2016
Violent and Disruptive Pupils
Advice on working with violent and disruptive pupils and college students.
23 February 2015
Cleaning in Schools and Colleges - Advice
ADVICE: The frequency of this activity and standard of cleanliness will depend on the nature of the business
12 November 2014
Health and Safety News November 2014
PUBLICATION: November News
10 September 2014
Risk Assessment HSE 2014
ADVICE: A brief guide to controlling risks in the workplace
10 September 2014
Regulation of Health and Safety at Work
PUBLICATION: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities use a range and mixture of regulatory interventions to improve the management of health and safety risks.
10 September 2014
Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC)
ADVICE: This leaflet includes the Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC). MAC is a tool developed to help users identify high risk workplace manual handling activities.
30 September 2010
EIS advice on Lyme Disease
ADVICE to all educational establishments concerning the threat of Lyme Disease in Scotland and the UK
01 April 2010
Health and Safety: Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit *
ADVICE: This information leaflet sets out “Questions and Answers” on entitlement to this benefit.
10 August 2007
Misuse Of Camera And Video Phones By Pupils *
ADVICE: Misuse Of Camera And Video Phones By Pupils
10 August 2007
Supervision outwith Educational Establishments *
ADVICE: AGM instructs Council to draw up comprehensive advice for teachers/lecturers on all activities involving the supervision of pupils/students outwith educational establishments.
10 August 2007
Occupational Health Service Procedures: Advice *
ADVICE: This AGM instructs Council to investigate the procedures adopted by Local Authorities for referring teaching staff to the Occupational Health Service
10 August 2007
School Health And Safety Officers *
PUBLICATION: AGM instructs Council to investigate and report on the level of training for health and safety officers.
01 August 2007
Risk Assessment Guidance 2007 *
ADVICE: AGM instruct Council to provide written guidance on risk assessments.
01 June 2007
Health & Safety: Working Conditions *
ADVICE: AGM instructs Council to provide advice to members with regards to appropriate working conditions of temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation which are conducive to effective teaching and learning.
01 May 2007
Supervision Outwith Educational Establishments *
ADVICE: Teachers and Lecturers are not contractually required to organise or to participate in excursions or visits outwith school/college premises.
01 February 2007
Health & Safety: Misuse of Camera and Video Phones by Pupils *
POLICY: This leaflet sets out EIS policy on camera and video phones