Wednesday 01 November 2017

Members of the EIS have voted overwhelmingly in favour of retaining its Political Fund.

A ballot, organised by the EIS, closed yesterday and provides a clear indication that members support the need for the union to continue its important campaigning work.

Commenting on the overwhelming support of retaining a political fund, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The EIS is both a trade union and a professional association with a commitment to promote and defend Scottish education and Scotland’s teachers in all contexts, including the political one."

Mr Flanagan continued, "This is a very clear ballot result which demonstrates our members' wishes for us to continue our campaigning work to advance their interests and that of Scottish education. As the EIS has no party political affiliation, we can do so without fear or favour."

Mr Flanagan said, "The ability of the EIS to continue to campaign on a political level is absolutely essential. This is highlighted by the many challenges currently facing Scottish education and our members in the form of workload, teachers' pay and changes to the curriculum."

"This positive result secures our ability to continue to campaign for Scottish education, its teachers, lecturers, pupils and students."

The results were as follows:

  • Members voting to retain the fund – 97.3%
  • Members voting against retaining the fund – 2.7%