The EIS has condemned the introduction of the Child Tax Credit Cap and, specifically, the so-called 'Rape Clause' which requires victims of sexual violence to justify the existence of third and subsequent children to government officials in order to claim child tax credits to supplement income earned through work.

The EIS national Council has passed a Motion calling for support for the campaign against the Child Tax Credit Cap, and condemning the "Rape Clause" on the grounds that this will compound poverty and deprivation in society and further traumatise women who have been victims of sexual violence.

The Motion was moved by EIS President-Elect Nicola Fisher, who will take up post as President at next week’s EIS Annual General Meeting (to be held at Perth Concert Hall from 8 – 10 June).

Introducing the Motion to EIS Council, Ms Fisher referred to the government's two-child maximum limit for future tax credit claims: "Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be child number three.

"To be the child in your family who the state considers less deserving, less worthy of support but more of a burden on your family. To be the child that the state considers really should never have been born.

"This policy is nothing short of shameful and borders on eugenics. It is certainly an attempt at social engineering."

On the specifics of the 'Rape Clause', Ms Fisher highlighted, "The indignity, the humiliation, the utter callous cruelty", of victims of rape having to justify the existence of their children on a government form.

Questions about whether the victim was still living with the father also displayed complete ignorance of the realities of domestic abuse and sexual violence within relationships, said Ms Fisher.