Representatives of the EIS have spoken in support of two TUC Congress Motions calling for protection of the rights of European nationals working within the UK following Brexit, and for fair pay rises for public sector workers.

Seconding a motion affirming support for European nationals working within the UK and supporting full protection for such workers post-Brexit, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "As the reality of Brexit moves ever closer, there continues to be a great deal of concern surrounding the implications for employee rights."

"Many rights and protections afforded to workers in this country derive from EU legislation and questions surrounding what will change once the UK is no longer bound by European directives still remain unanswered.”

Mr Flanagan continued, "A key issue for the Trade Union movement must be the rights of people from other EU countries who have chosen to make Britain their home, and who have made a positive contribution to many aspects of society."

"It is unacceptable that EU nationals are being treated as pawns in political posturing and Brexit-induced haggling. From the perspective of Scotland, migration is essential to the future economic prosperity of the country."

"Workers fulfilling vital roles in our society and economy do not deserve to be treated in this way by our government and demonised as they are by many in the tabloid media.”

EIS Local Association Secretary for Dundee, David Baxter, has today spoken in support of a motion calling on congress to campaign for the removal of the pay cap policy from the whole public sector and to facilitate coordinated campaigns, up to and including industrial action, to end public sector pay restraint across the UK.

Mr Baxter said, "Scottish Teachers have seen a real term cut to our wages by 16.4%. This at a time where Scottish schools are finding it hard to recruit teachers. Where workload related pressures are increasing, teacher stress levels are increasing. Teachers are getting More stress for Less.”

Mr Baxter continued, "The EIS, like all our colleagues here in this hall are building a pay campaign, buoyed by the success of our Colleges branch, EIS-FELA, who took 6 days of industrial action this year, to secure equal pay across their sector."

"A national campaign is going to take a concerted effort from all of us. We need to show this Government our collective strength. Now is the time to stand together and deliver the pay rise the public sector deserves and our members need to survive.”