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Legal Policies & Publications

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01 July 2009
Disruptive and Abusive Pupils *
Council instructed to investigate a means whereby teachers can refuse to accept disruptive and abusive pupils back into their classroom.
01 July 2009
Pupils Displaying Serious Inappropriate Behaviour: Guidelines *
clear guidelines to ensure that, when pupils are displaying serious inappropriate behaviour the care, welfare and right to a safe place of work for the teachers are considered.”
01 July 2008
Social Networks *
The use of new technologies raises a number of issues for EIS members.
01 January 2008
Legal Publications: Age Discrimination *
Age Discrimination
01 May 2007
Complaints: Advice to Members on Legal and Contractual Rights *
This policy complements the policy paper “Offensive or Abusive Parents – Advise to Members” and advises members who are subject of complaint on both legal and contractual matters which may arise during such complaints.
01 May 2007
Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 *
Both FOISA and EIR regulations came into effect from 1 January 2005. This policy paper outlines both sets of regulations and sets out advice for local association secretaries and individual members on use of the regulations.
01 May 2007
Physical Restraint Techniques *
This policy paper sets the legal context, the position of employers and advice to members.
01 May 2007
Supervision Outwith Educational Establishments – Health and Safety Guidance *
Teachers and Lecturers are not contractually required to organise or to participate in excursions or visits outwith school/college premises.
01 January 2004
Offensive or Abusive Parents, Advice to Members *
All teachers have an absolute right not to be subject to abusive, threatening or violent behaviour