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EIS Notice of Future Political Fund Ballot

It is a legal requirement for trade unions to have a political fund if their aims and objectives are to include political activity and campaigning.

The EIS operates such a political fund, which allows us to campaign on broad issues such as the recent local government elections, where we produced our own manifesto for Scottish Education.

It also allows us to fund publicity campaigns on matters such as smaller class sizes or, as in the recent FE dispute, set out our objectives where media coverage is poor.

However, the EIS is neither affiliated to, nor aligned with, any political party; accordingly the EIS Political Fund does not pay into, or contribute to, any political party.

Instead, the EIS uses its political fund to defend membersí interests in Scottish Parliament, UK Parliament, in Europe and on all matters of government policy and legislation. Without such a fund, we could be prevented from lobbying to change policies or legislation which affect membersí working lives.

The law requires a ballot of the trade union membership every 10 years to maintain a political fund. The next ballot to maintain the EIS Political Fund is planned to take place in october 2017.

The EIS will be urging you to vote YES in the political fund ballot so that we can continue to defend your interests effectively, and campaign for better workplaces, pensions and employment laws.

Trade unions are legally constrained by the need to have a political fund.

Our political fund is therefore necessary to allow us to promote EIS policies to government, the public and Scottish Parliament.