Report from ACAS talks

Your negotiators spent 9 hours at ACAS talks on Tuesday 25th April 2017. We attended these talks in good faith and committed to seeking to resolve the dispute. However, we were met with more management intransigence.

Despite the best efforts of ACAS and our team we made no progress and as a result our strike on Thursday 27th April 2017 goes ahead.

Your negotiators urge you to join picket lines on Thursday morning, attend the rally in Edinburgh at 1.00 pm, and distribute the "WHY ARE LECTURERS STRIKING TODAY?" leaflets. 

We would also urge you to publicise our dispute on social media and by contacting your elected representatives such as MSPs, local Councillors and MPs. 

We would ask you to write to or visit your MPs, Councillors and MSPs asking them to write to Shirley-Anne Somerville, the minister responsible for FE in Scotland, urging her to intervene to resolve this dispute.

Be clear, the management side and the Scottish Government have assured us that the money for the equal pay deal has been "banked”, this dispute is not about affordability, but about management attempting to rewrite the NJNC Agreement of March 2016 to worsen terms and conditions. 

Management wish to reduce the preparation time lecturers have to get ready for classes. 

We cannot accept their attempts to reduce the quality of learning in colleges and increase workload pressures on lecturers. 

This was never and is not part of the agreement signed up for last year.

We urge you to take strike action on Thursday, we urge you to join pickets, rallies and leafletting sessions.


John Kelly, FELA President
Pam Currie, FELA Vice President
Charlie Montgomery, FELA Salaries Convener
Jim O’Donovan, FELA Education Convener
Donny Gluckstein, FELA Executive