At the March 2017 Council meeting Tom Tracey, Salaries Convener, reported that the SNCT agreed that periods of notice across councils should be determined at national level.

This required a change to the list of national/devolved matters in the SNCT Handbook in Part 1, Appendix 1.3 and the removal of Part 4, Paragraph 14.2 of the SNCT Handbook.

This change took effect on 1 January 2017 and, arising from this change, the minimum period of notice to terminate employment to be given by a teacher on the main grade scale, a teacher on the Chartered Teacher spine, Music Instructor or an Education Support Officer, Quality Improvement Officer or Education Psychologist shall be 4 working weeks and by all other teachers, quality improvement managers, principal and depute educational psychologists 8 weeks, which include 4 working weeks.

The length of other periods of notice is unchanged but must contain a minimum of 4 working weeks.

The definition of a "working week” was agreed at the SNCT on 23 February 2017, has been distributed to holders of the SNCT Handbook and is available on the SNCT Website.