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Pay & Conditions of Service News

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31 December 2013
Compensation for members 2012 / 2013
Details of compensation paid to members
31 December 2013
Over £300k awarded for injuries
Latest figures show compensation awards down
11 December 2013
Teachers Slam Job Loss
Reacting to the publication of this year’s school census figures by Scottish Govt, Larry Flanagan criticised both the Scottish Government and local authorities for failing to maintain teacher numbers in line with pupil rolls, as previously promised
28 December 2012
Scotland's schools depend on the goodwill of teachers
Recent research indicates that Scotland’s teachers consistently report more hours of unpaid overtime than other graduates in Scotland with the exception of teachers in the rest of the UK.
24 December 2012
Compensation for members 2011/2012
A table of some examples of cases successfully resolved by the EIS, with the level of compensation awarded in each case. Highly confidential cases which were subject to compromise settlements have not been itemised.
24 December 2012
Record year for awards for work-related injuries to teachers
Figures released by EIS demonstrated that the amount of compensation secured by the EIS for its members in 2012 was at an all-time high.
23 November 2012
EIS: Councils Cannot Bypass Formal Negotiations On Teachers’ Pay
EIS has today criticised local authority umbrella group COSLA for putting a pay offer to teachers into the public domain
31 May 2012
EIS welcomes recognition of chartered teachers in SNCT agreement
EIS has welcomed today’s agreement at the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) which recognises the contribution made by Scotland’s Chartered Teachers and offers salary protection to this group of teachers in the wake of the Scottish Govern
21 April 2011
Teachers' 2011 Pay Claim - the True Facts
EIS HQ has been passed a copy of an unofficial communication from a member which makes a series of misinformed and wholly unfounded allegations about the EIS and the current ballot on the revised pay and conditions offer.
06 April 2011
Video: Dougie Mackie , Convener of EIS Salaries Committee talks about the revised offer & ballot
Video: Dougie Mackie , Convener of EIS Salaries Committee talks about the revised offer & ballot
05 April 2011
Video: Helen Connor, Vice Convener of EIS Salaries Committee talks about the revised offer & ballot
Helen Connor, Vice Convener of EIS Salaries Committee talks about the revised offer and ballot
04 April 2011
EIS Opens new ballot & urges teachers vote yes to protect jobs
The EIS is encouraging teachers to vote “Yes” to accept the revised proposals to protect teachers’ jobs and maintain nationally-negotiated pay and conditions of service for all teachers. The ballot runs for a 4-week period to ensure that all eligible tea
01 April 2011
Important Ballot Information: Letter from the General Secretary to all EIS Members in Schools
SNCT PROPOSALS: EIS SUPPORT FOR A ‘YES’ VOTE - I am writing to you today to urge you to vote “YES” in the forthcoming ballot on SNCT proposals, agreed to by your EIS negotiators, on pay and conditions of service.
30 March 2011
Information video on the new ballot and how the decision to recommend a vote to accept was made
Information video on the new ballot and how the EIS salaries committee come to the decision to recommend to members that they accept the revised offer
30 March 2011
Why EIS recommends Vote to Accept: information video on the revised offer
General Secretary Ronnie Smith comments on the recommendation to accept the revised pay & conditions offer
23 March 2011
EIS recommends that teachers accept new pay & conditions offer
Last-minute negotiations at the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) led to an improved offer from the employers’ side, with an additional £15.3M of funding being offered to reduce the impact of planned changes to teachers’ terms and conditi
14 December 2007
Salary Scales - Dec 2007 *
The Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) has today agreed a new three year pay deal for Scotland's teachers. The SNCT is a tri-partite negotiating forum which was established as part of the landmark 2001 teachers' agreement.