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Pensions Booklet May 2011


Imposed on you by the UK Government

New: Pensions booklet May 2011

The Westminster Government has announced changes to public sector pensions which mean Scottish teachers paying more into their pensions throughout their working lives and receiving less throughout retirement. 

The government plans an average 3% rise in public sector employees’ pensions contributions, and to calculate annual pensions increases in line with the lower Consumer Price Index (CPI) rather than the more realistic Retail Prices Index (RPI).


The main part of the reform has been conducted through the Independent Review of Public Sector Pensions led by Lord Hutton of Furness, and the Government has put in place a number of measures designed to reduce the costs of public sector pensions.

These changes mean that the average teacher will pay 3% more of their salary into their pension and see the overall value of their pension fall by 15%. These attacks on teachers’ pensions are profoundly unjust and are opposed by the EIS. The changes are also contrary to commitments made by both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats prior to the UK election.


The EIS is lobbying on behalf of Scottish Teachers, and has contacted every Scottish MP urging them to oppose the Government's pensions proposals.

Please add your support by emailing your own MP in support of the EIS campaign to protect fair pensions for Scottish teachers.

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Email your MP to oppose these changes and protect fair pensions for Scottish teachers.
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