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EIS warns Scottish Government: stop stalling over pensions offer

The EIS has warned the Scottish Government to stop stalling on pensions and to make a firm proposal to teaching professionals on the future design of the Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme.

The call from the EIS comes as a pensions negotiating meeting set for today (Wednesday) was cancelled by the Scottish Government.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "It is time for the Scottish Government to lay its cards on the table and bring forward concrete proposals to Scotland’s teaching profession on the future of their pension scheme."

"In March the EIS took the decision to hold back from further industrial action on pensions in order to enter into pension scheme discussions with the Scottish Government." 

"Having entered into these negotiations in good faith, teaching professionals have every right to expect a firm proposal from the Scottish Government." 

"However, after many months of talks, no offer has yet been made and no response given to the teacher side proposals to protect 65 as the normal age for retirement. Frankly, the patience of the teaching profession is becoming increasingly thin.”

"We see no point in returning to negotiations unless the Scottish Government is prepared to engage with the process."

"Teachers also face the threat of imposed pension contribution increases – which amount to little more than an additional tax to pay for the UK Government’s austerity programme."

"The EIS has called already for John Swinney to defend Scottish teachers, and other public sector workers, from this attack.”

Larry Flanagan added, "Following this latest cancellation of a scheduled negotiating meeting by the Scottish Government, the EIS will now consider the next steps that must be taken to protect the interests of the Scottish teaching profession." 

"The message to John Swinney and Mike Russell is clear – stop stalling and produce a meaningful offer on pensions, or face a return to industrial action by Scotland’s teachers.”




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