Local Associations will have relevant information for distribution through branches, they can also arrange EIS representation to attend branch meetings if required to discuss the issues.

If you need such representation contact your Rep or LA Secretary to arrange a visit.

Local Associations can contact EIS Organisers/Area Officers to help set up meetings of members in schools and at LA Executive meetings.

Branch Reps can raise this issue with members and ensure they are aware of the political fund ballot and its importance in terms of our campaigning abilities, our lobbying on legislative changes and our direct routes to influence the greater education agenda and members' working lives.

EIS FELA and EIS ULA Branch Secretaries can contact EIS Organisers to help set up meetings of members in colleges and schools. A PowerPoint presentation has also been developed to support these meetings.

Members’ this is your union, it is your policies and your influence which will directly affect the unions ability to work on behalf of teachers, lecturers, and educators across our membership.