On Saturday 30th September a Professional Learning Conference was held in the IET Teacher Building in Glasgow.

The theme for the day was Building Teacher Leadership and the conference was opened by EIS President Nicola Fisher.

The conference consisted of several speakers and workshops covering topics such as teacher leadership and coaching and mentoring.  

The conference featured a presentation from keynote speaker, Dr Carol Campbell, entitled 'Teacher Learning and Leadership: Of, By and For Teachers'. Carol is Associate Professor of Leadership and Educational Change at The University of Toronto.  Click here to view Carol's presentation.

To view the programme for the day click here

Delegates also attended two interactive workshops.  Presentations from each workshop can be viewed below.

Workshop 1 - Coaching and Mentoring

Workshop 2 - Why Sharing Matters

Workshop 3 - Demystifying Professional Recognition

Workshop 4 - What is Teacher Leadership?

Workshop 5 - Play - Where Learning Happens!

Workshop 6 - Collaborative Action Research: Promoting teacher agency and leadership in the context of tackling educational inequity

The full report from the conference can be found here.

Please see below some photos from the conference.