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10 Benefits of EIS Membership

All student teachers and probationers have free membership of the EIS. After the probationary period, you will need to confirm EIS membership by subscribing to the EIS by setting up a direct debit. Below, we set out 10 benefits of full EIS membership.

1. We are the Biggest and the Best Scottish Teachers’ Trade Union

The EIS is Scotland’s largest and most effective teacher trade union, over 80% of  teachers and lecturers in Scotland are members of the EIS.

The EIS is more than a trade union, it is also a professional organisation with a Royal Charter to promote sound learning and to advance the interests of education in Scotland.

2. We are Scotland’s most affordable Teaching Union

The EIS, because of its size and high membership density exclusively here in Scotland, is highly efficient and thus the most affordable union to join.

You can save up to £100 per year compared to the cost of other teaching unions.

3. We Support your Career Development

The EIS facilitates and supports quality professional development for ALL teachers throughout their careers.

The EIS is the only Scottish teaching union with Learning Representatives in schools and across its Local Associations to support members’ CPD. Uniquely the EIS has a full time Professional Learning  Co-ordinator to respond to members’ CPD needs.

We also support student teachers, and their needs.

Probationers and early career teachers regularly access EIS support offered by Learning Reps and our CPD team.

The EIS also works with the GTCS, SQA, Education Scotland, COSLA and the Scottish Government to further the interests of teachers and ‘sound learning’. We keep teachers at the heart of decision making here in Scotland, ensuring that teachers’ professional voice is heard.

4. We have National and Local Structures

The EIS has offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee providing access and support to members from full time EIS staff.

As a Scottish trade union, all our decisions are made here in Scotland, in response to the issues here in Scotland for our members that work here in Scotland.

The EIS has 32 Local Associations that mirror the areas of local authorities that manage schools. These LAs have hundreds of activists and representatives working in schools to represent and support EIS members. This is the largest network of trade union reps in Scotland.

As a probationer, you may gain support from your school Reps and LA Secretary, as well as your EIS full time officers based at EIS offices around the country.

Every LA has Equality Reps to advise and support on equality matters, and Learning Reps to support members on professional learning, including providing specialist support for probationers.

The EIS nationally also has professional learning events and seminars to support members.

5. We Work to Improve your Pay and Conditions

The EIS campaigns actively to secure and maintain professional salaries and improve conditions of service for all its members.

Teachers’ pay and national conditions of service are negotiated at the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers – SNCT. As the largest teaching union in Scotland, the EIS has the majority of seats and therefore can agree national agreements without the other trade unions’ support.

SNCT Salary Scales and Other information may be found here.

The EIS has a pensions officer who specialises in Scottish teachers’ pensions, and we work closely with the Scottish Public Pensions Agency.

6. We Offer the Best Legal and Professional advice

The EIS provides the best legal and professional advice bar none. Our solicitors and our network of EIS Representatives, Local Association Secretaries and Area Officers are available to provide the highest quality support and advice when it is needed.

7. We Provide Insurance for all EIS members

The EIS provides four insurance policies to all members covering: Personal Effects, Malicious Damage to Motor Vehicles, Third Party Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

8. We can help you access Specialist Independent Financial Advice

EIS Financial Services is a separate body linked to the EIS that provides independent financial advice, a comprehensive range of insurance and other financial planning products exclusively to EIS members.

9. We Lead on the Key Issues for Education

A commitment to quality and equality across our education service is a hallmark of the EIS and its work developing policies covering: Education, the Equality agenda, Pay and Conditions of Service and all other areas of trade union work.

10. We Campaign for the things that matter to You and Your Colleagues

The EIS is a campaigning organisation that takes a lead on the big issues for education and teachers. The EIS runs major campaigns to protect education, to control teachers’ workload, for example in relation to the crowded Primary curriculum and assessment within the new National Qualifications, to deliver better opportunities for learners, and to defend the pay and conditions of teachers.