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SEJ April 2017

Vol. 101   Issue no. 02
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Countering Myths of Immigration

The EIS has launched a series of booklets for teachers and lecturers which aim to help address misinformation about migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The booklets have been warmly welcomed by a wide range of groups and have now been issued to all establishments. (Page 8)


FE Heads Back to the Picket Lines

EIS-FELA Vice-President Pam Currie provides an update on the negotiations related to the long-overdue implementation of the 2016 Further Education pay agreement. As this SEJ goes to press, the prospect of another round of industrial action is growing as college management continues to drag its feet on the delivery of this year-old pay agreement. (Page 10)


Education and the Local Authority Elections

In this special focus on the local authority elections, the EIS asks each of the country's five main political parties to outline their priorities for Scottish Education. The EIS wants all candidates and political parties to recognise and acknowledge that Scottish education must be defended against budget cuts, which have had an impact on all areas of school education. (Page 12) 


Focus on Professional Learning

A 2016 AGM Resolution called upon Council to produce resources in a range of media, providing guidance and advice to members about how the Professional Review and Development and Professional Update processes should be undertaken. (Page 14)  


Mainstreaming Needs Additional Support

The EIS recently gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament's Education and Skills Committee on the need for adequate resourcing to support pupils with Additional Support Needs in the classroom. (Page 18)