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SEJ June 2017

Vol. 101   Issue no. 03


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International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2017

Edinburgh recently became the focal point for education across the world as it welcomed the 7th International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP). (Page 6)


FE Lecturers Resolutely Demand management to 'Honour the Deal'

The SEJ explores the dispute between the EIS and Colleges Scotland over the failure of colleges to honour the equal pay agreement reached over a year ago, in March 2016. EIS-FELA members across the country have been taking strike action to demand that colleges Honour the Deal. (Page 10)


Defending Instrumental Music Provision

With new administrations being formed across the country, following the local government elections on 4 May, now is an ideal moment to highlight the continuing important of Instrumental Music teaching, and the need for local authorities to invest in offering music tuition to all pupils and not simply those who have the financial means to take part. (Page 16) 

Focus on Professional Learning

A 2016 AGM Resolution called upon Council to produce resources in a range of media, providing guidance and advice to members about how the Professional Review and Development and Professional Update processes should be undertaken. (Page 14)  


EIS BME Members' Event: Addressing the Diversity Deficit

On Saturday 7 May, Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) members of the EIS came together for an event to explore approaches to anti-racist education, opportunities for involving BME members in union structures, and issues of leadership as they affect BME teachers. (Page 25)