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SEJ March 2011

Vol. 95, Issue No. 02

Take your pick: the parties spell out their education policies...
This monthís SEJ focuses on the impending Holyrood election, & its importance to the future of Scotlandís schools, colleges & universities (read more).



The party policies: Setting their agendas for education...
Questions and answers with the five main political parties (read more).



Children of Influence: Primary elections at Prestonfield...
Itís time to stop telling children to be quiet and to give them a voice in the world they live in (read more).



Developing Leadership: CPD focus
Developing teachers as leaders - EIS in partnership with Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities (read more)



Modern Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships have a long history of trade union involvement, offering young people moving into the workplace the opportunity to learn from skilled and experienced workers (read more).

SEJ Mar 2011