Did you finish University and start your probation year in August? If so then you need to upgrade your membership with the EIS.

If you don't upgrade then you will no longer be an EIS member during your probation so it's important you get that done as soon as possible, you can do it online right now by clicking here.


What is the difference between EIS Student and EIS full membership?

As a full member it will still be free until January 2019 (if you started your probation in 2017), and you will get voting rights to take part in ballots and EIS local and national elections. You will have a vote in how the EIS is run, and be entitled to legal advice and representation at both local level and with GTCS procedures.


Why do you need my bank details if it is still free?

We will contact you near the end of 2018 to remind you we will soon be taking a payment from your account. At the moment membership starts from £11.69 a month. We require your bank details so we can upgrade your membership to a full membership with financial benefits.


What benefits do I get?

As well as representation, you have a say in how the EIS works, and how the EIS tries to improve your working day. Many schools have EIS representatives or a number of representatives within the Local Authority that you can contact for confidential advice and guidance. You will be covered by our insurance policy; this covers you for personal property or malicious damage to your car while at the school.

As part of your welcome pack you will receive a free USB memory stick and your new EIS membership card.

If you want to upgrade your membership online then click here.