The EIS has announced a new campaign to challenge the problem of excessive teacher workload in Scotland’s schools. 

The new campaign will complement current EIS campaigns on education budget cuts and attacks on pensions and will focus on the impact of increasing workload on teachers and on education provision for young people.
Commenting, following a unanimous decision of EIS Council to pursue the campaign, General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"Scotland’s teachers are facing continuing demands to achieve more with less and this has created an increasingly unmanageable workload burden." 

"At a time when teachers are working extremely hard to deliver an under-resourced Curriculum for Excellence – the largest and most important educational change that Scottish education has seen in a lifetime – austerity cuts have robbed schools of vital resources to support learning and teaching whilst pointless bureaucracy and new demands have increased." 

"All of this combines to heap additional workload burdens onto teachers, with consequent rising levels of stress and its associated health-risks, together with serious implications for overall school morale.”
"This significant increase in workload is happening at the same time as teachers are suffering real-term pay cuts, attacks on their pension rights, supply shortages, and an on-going review into working conditions.”

"Even with teachers already working excessive hours beyond their contract, the stark truth is that not everything can be achieved."

"We are calling on both Scottish and Local Government to work with us to address this issue as a matter of priority."

"A failure to do so on their part will see the campaign escalate over the months ahead.”
"It is important to remember that the working environment for teachers is the learning environment for young people, so it is essential that these issues are tackled to provide all young people with the best possible environment for their learning.”