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25 March 2011

Consultation on a proposed merger of Edinburgh College of Art with the University of Edinburgh

The consultation analysis report is now available on the Scottish Government website: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2011/03/ECAconsultanalysis

09 June 2017

Consultative Ballot on the 2017-18 New JNCHES Pay Offer

Further information on the upcoming Consultative Ballot

04 November 2013

EIS Calls for the Abolition of Zero Hours Contracts in HE Sector

The EIS has identified a number of serious concerns regarding the widespread use of so-called ‘Zero-Hours’ contracts within the Higher Education Sector in Scotland.

18 July 2013

EIS Calls on Scottish Government and SFC to Reject Code

The EIS is disappointed with the final Scottish Code of Good HE Governance issued today (Thursday) by a Steering Group of University Chairs, and calls on the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and Scottish Government to reject using the Code

16 April 2013

EIS expresses “disappointment” in code of HE governance

The EIS is disappointed with the draft version of the Scottish Code of Good HE Governance published today as it seems to offer nothing new to improve HE governance or accountability.

18 October 2010

EIS has major concerns regarding the recommendations published in the Browne Review

The EIS is one of two unions representing academic staff in Scotland’s Higher Education Sector, and is one of five campus trade unions that negotiate pay and other issues with the UK University Employers Association.

27 October 2015

EIS Highlights Support for Higher Education Governance Bill

The HE governance Bill is currently laid before the Scottish Parliament

05 October 2016

EIS Research into For Profit Provision in the Scottish HE Sector

The EIS commissioned research into ‘for profit provision’ (i.e. private firms) in the Scottish Higher Education sector.

07 August 2015

EIS Response to the Commission on Widening Access

The EIS welcomes this opportunity to respond to the Commission on Widening Access to Higher Education.

09 September 2015

EIS-ULA Launches Stress Toolkit for use by University Lecturers

New toolkit and strategies for staff

15 February 2017

EIS-ULA Training for Reps and Members Considering Becoming Reps

New two-day training course EIS-ULA representatives

18 June 2013

EIS-ULA: University Sector Advisory Forum

The Cabinet Secretary chaired the first meeting of the University Sector Advisory Forum on June 12, 2013 to consider strategic issues in the sector.

01 November 2010

Future of Higher Education funding - EIS comment

The EIS welcomes the Universities Scotland Paper (Towards a Scottish Solution) which highlights the financial dangers facing Scottish Universities and Higher Education Colleges which themselves threaten the quality and quantity of Higher Education

14 September 2016

HE Gender Pay Gap

New HE Gender Pay Gap Data Report

14 October 2015

Model Letter - HE Governance Bill

The EIS, in common with other HE Trade Unions and the NUS, supports the Government's HE Governance Bill currently going through the Scottish Parliament.

18 October 2011

New ACAS Guidance on Social Networking in the Workplace

ACAS has issued a series of fact-sheets giving guidance to employers regarding social networking, these ACAS fact-sheets build on new research from the Institute for Employment Studies.

15 June 2016

Report into Pay & Key Financial Data of Scottish Universities

The EIS analysis of the latest Scottish University financial accounts.

06 January 2014

Teacher Education Funding

Over £1 million has been made available to help teachers in Scotland move smoothly from lecture halls into the classroom.

26 May 2011

ULA & FELA lobby the Scottish Parliament on May 24, 2011.

ULA & FELA lobby the Scottish Parliament on May 24, 2011

23 February 2018

ULA Launches Workload Calculator

Information on the ULA Workload Calculator

03 November 2014

University Superannuation Scheme (USS)

This letter is directly relevant to those EIS-ULA members who are members of the USS, or who chose to move to the USS if they accept a promoted post within their pre-1992 HEI at some date in the future.

08 April 2014

Zero Hours Contracts

EIS Report in the Use of Zero Hours Contracts in Scottish Universities

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