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Maternity Leave Information

REF 2014:  Research Output Submission for Women who have taken Maternity Leave
Members may find the following news release from REF2014 interesting,
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REF 2014
The Research Excellence Framework (REF) team today announces that following the consultation on draft panel criteria for the REF, the four UK funding bodies have taken an early decision on the arrangements for taking account of maternity leave in the REF.

An overwhelming majority of respondents to the consultation supported the proposal that researchers may reduce the number of outputs in a submission by one, for each period of maternity leave taken during the REF period. In light of the response, the funding bodies have decided that this approach will be implemented across all panels.

Further details of these arrangements, including arrangements for paternity and adoption leave, will be published as part of the final REF panel criteria and working methods, in January 2012.’

The EIS understands this to mean that for each period of maternity leave (taken since RAE 2008) female academics may submit one less research output to REF 2014.  Generally, this will mean that women who have had one maternity leave will submit three outputs, women who have taken two periods of maternity will submit two outputs and so on. The length of the maternity leave seems irrelevant.

The EIS welcomes this decision by the REF2014, but notes that it has not issued any statements regarding male academics who have taken paternity leave, or (since April 2011) taken extended paternity leave.