Following months of negotiations with SRUC, your negotiators have been unable to persuade the employers to improve upon their pay offer of 1.7% for 2017-18.

Your EIS negotiators, together with negotiators from Prospect and Unison have tried every argument.

They have outlined how SRUC staff's real pay has fallen behind in the years post-merger with the resulting detrimental impact on the living standards of our members.

The SRUC’s final Pay Offer may be found here

A pay uplift of 1.7% for 2016-17 would lead to a further real terms cut in pay for SRUC staff, since RPI is currently 4%. The buying power of our members' salaries has decreased resulting in an increase in pressure on them as they try to meet their financial commitments whilst balancing the demands of an increasing workload.

Your negotiators are also disappointed that the final pay offer does not immediately address the concerns raised about harmonisation of terms and conditions across the SRUC campuses.   

Five years post-merger, there are still anomalies in campus-based contractual arrangements with staff doing the same work on different pay, terms & conditions of employment. Concerns were raised that SRUC has failed to deliver on its commitment to undertake a pay and grading review expressed in the last three years' pay settlements. 

Whilst the EIS welcomes the renewed commitment to begin this process, we are concerned that yet again there is no given timescale as to when this will take place and importantly, when it is expected to be concluded.

Your negotiators also emphasised ongoing concerns about excessive workload pressures which lecturers are facing. The pay offer does little to address these concerns.

A consultative ballot will open on Monday, 4th December 2017 to seek members' views as to whether they wish to accept the final pay offer made by the employers. Members will be posed one question:

  • 'Do you wish to accept the SRUC final Pay Offer for 2017/18?'
  • They will be asked to choose one of two answers – 'yes' or 'no'.

This is an internal consultative ballot for the EIS-ULA Executive Committee to ascertain the views of members and is not a statutory ballot for industrial action.

This ballot will be open for a period of two weeks, closing on 18th December 2017.

If a majority of EIS members vote Yes then the EIS would accept the pay offer of 1.7% or note the conclusion of the pay round.