May will be a critical period in terms of the pay campaign, with the next negotiating meeting expected to bring a response from Scottish Government to our pay claim.

The "Lobby your MSP" activity produced a good response, with over 6,000 emails being sent, but we now wish to step that up by involving all members in our May focus - "Message the Minister."

A supply of campaign postcards, based on the EIS 10 for Ten have now been posted out to all schools. We are asking Reps to organise a meeting in their school to discuss the campaign to date and to allow members to fill out a postcard for return to John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Education, calling on him to ensure delivery of our 10% pay claim.

If you wish to have a speaker, please contact either your Local Association Secretary or the campaign team here at HQ

Signed cards should be collected and returned to HQ on behalf of the school branch and thereafter they will be presented to the Cabinet Secretary at an appropriate time/event. 

We really need all members to get involved in this activity as returning only a few thousand cards will not send a strong message to Scottish Government. (We will be mapping the level of returns as a way of sensing member engagement.)

The view of the EIS is that the Scottish Government has a major role to play in delivering a fair pay settlement for Scotland's teachers. Please send a strong message by ensuring you complete a postcard and Message the Minister in May.

Please try to ensure that all completed postcards are returned to EIS HQ in the pre-paid envelopes.

Thank you for your support.

Leaflets aimed at parents, carers and the wider public are available to support local Value Education, Value Teachers campaigning. Please contact your LA Secretary to request a supply.