The principal vehicle for external educational and political relations for the Institute is through the Scottish Parliament.

The Institute was a long-time supporter of the establishment of the Parliament and we remain committed to working with that body. The Parliament has meant an enormous step forward in relations with government in Scotland.

The Institute meets regularly with the Cabinet Secretaries responsible for education, lifelong learning, local government and equal opportunities. Relations with civil servants within the Scottish Government are also good and the Institute is a regular contributor to consultations and discussions with officials in areas of interest to our members.

The EIS is also very involved with the Committee structure of the Parliament. The main committees dealing with matters relating to the interests of our members are the Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee and the Local Government and Communities Committee.

We meet regularly with the Conveners of Committees and the EIS has provided evidence to a number of Committee inquiries and related matters. The EIS has also promoted amendments to Bills during their consideration by Parliament and provides briefings on educational and related matters to MSPs. Regular meetings take place with the EIS group of MSPs, which is the largest trade union group at Holyrood.

The Institute also continues to have a relationship with UK government at Westminster, particularly in matters relating to employment law and other non-devolved areas of work. Meetings take place with the Secretary of State for Scotland, and with political party representatives at Westminster. Meetings have also taken place in the past with the EIS group of MPs at Westminster.
Local Associations should note that relations with the Scottish and UK Parliaments, MSPs and MPs, and the political parties are conducted through EIS Headquarters. Local Associations wishing to contact these bodies should first contact the Organisation Department at EIS Headquarters.