The STUC is the voice of the collective trade union movement in Scotland, with 36 trades unions and 20 trades union councils affiliated, representing around 632,253 trade unionists in Scotland (2012 figures).  Our relations with some Scottish-level organisations and certain trade union aspects of relations with Government are commonly conducted through the STUC.

The EIS has been affiliated to the STUC since 1974.  We are the third largest affiliate and play a major role in events and activities organised by that body.  EIS has three representatives on the STUC General Council, and is represented on a number of committees dealing with education and training, the arts, the economy, local government and so on.

The EIS participates in a number of STUC sponsored conferences, demonstrations and other events throughout the year.  Principal among these is the Annual Congress of the STUC, where the EIS sends a delegation made up of national and local representatives.  Congress agrees resolutions in a number of areas which, though not binding on affiliates, act as a guide for the consensus of trade union opinion on the issues of the day.  The STUC General Council acts on these resolutions during the course of the year.

The EIS participates in the Annual Women’s Conference of the STUC, again sending a delegation made up of national and local representatives.  The Conference agrees resolutions on matters of particular concern to women in Scotland, and is widely recognised as the leading forum for women’s issues on the Scottish political scene.  Conference also elects a Women’s Committee, on which the EIS is represented.

The EIS also participates in the Annual Black Workers’ Conference of the STUC.  This event elects its own Black Workers’ Committee and two members of the General Council.  The EIS is represented at all of these levels of organisation.

Local association representatives should note that relations with the STUC are conducted through EIS Headquarters, however, the contact details for information are:

Scottish Trades Union Congress House
333 Woodlands Road
G3 6NG
Tel: 0141 337 8100
Fax: 0141 337 8101