The EIS conducts a certain amount of its international work through TUC and STUC, but the principal avenue for this is through our affiliation to the teachers’ international organisation, Education International (EI).

EI is the largest of the teacher internationals and politically non-aligned.  It represents the views of member organisations to international and world bodies such as the ILO, UN, UNESCO, EC and so on.  With 30 million members, it is the largest trade union specialist ‘voice’ in the world.

EI is also the major partner of the teacher internationals who between them provide the membership of the European Trade Union Committee on Education (ETUCE). 

This is the industrial committee for the education sector of the European TUC, and the main professional body consulted by the European Community in education and training matters.  The Maastricht Treaty brought mainstream education under the influence of the EC, and this is an area of interest which continues to expand and is likely to have greater importance in the coming period.

The EIS is a founder member of EI and is represented on the ETUCE Executive.  EI organises seminars on topics of current interest, the documents and resolutions of which are discussed at the European Conference.  A World Assembly is held every two years.

EI is the principal teachers solidarity organisation, assisting teachers and their families across the world.

More information on the activities of the EI is available on their website at