The EIS is unique among teachers unions in its commitment to spend up to 1% of subscription income in any year in the area of development co-operation and developing world aid.

This aid is disbursed through the Executive Committee.

Projects and activities to be supported are organised through EI, the TUC and the STUC.  Recent projects supported include printing presses in Malawi and Bangladesh, trade union training in Chile and Uruguay, humanitarian support in Algeria and Kosovo and support for programmes aimed at increasing trade union capacity in Central Europe.

In addition, EIS donates regularly to the EI Solidarity Fund which offers immediate assistance to teachers and their families in countries struck by national disasters, and supports the attendance of a Developing World Delegate at the Biennial EI World Assembly.

If your members would like to know more about work, or how they can help, please contact the Organisation Department at EIS headquarters, 0131 225 6244.