The EIS is not affiliated to any political party and does not campaign on a party political basis.  Annual meetings are held with the Scottish leadership and education spokespersons of the principal political parties to discuss matters of common concern, particularly in education.

Since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament, regular meetings take place with Ministers and Officials of the Scottish Executive, and with the Conveners and Committee members of Committees of the Parliament.

The EIS has a branch consisting of Holyrood MSP’s and Westminster MP’s who are EIS members, and regular meetings are held with them.  EIS HQ also monitors Parliamentary proceedings and Government Bills, proposals and other announcements.

In local government, the EIS works closely with COSLA and with voluntary sector groups. 

The EIS Political Fund was established in 1987 after an overwhelming ballot in favour, which was reconfirmed by a ballot of members in 1997 and again in 2007. 

Government trade union legislation dictates that trade unions cannot campaign to influence matters considered to be "political” unless such a fund exists.  As education is in the "political” category, it was very necessary to take this step.  Contributions to the fund are voluntary, but members are encouraged to support this vital area of EIS campaigning.

The EIS is currently represented on a large number of important external bodies including:
  • Highlands and Islands Educational Trust
  • Scottish Council on Deafness
  • Scottish Accident Prevention Council
  • Scottish Centres
  • WEA Scotland

If your members would like to know more about EIS activities in these areas of work, or are interested in contributing to such work generally, please contact the Organisation Department at EIS HQ, 0131 225 6244.  Local Association Representatives should note that relations with all national organisations are conducted through EIS Headquarters.