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Huge government borrowing to rescue failing banks has led to threats to impose savage cuts in public services, including education, in the coming year.

Already cuts are taking place in local council education budgets.

  • 2,500 fewer teachers in classrooms than 2 years ago
  • teacher support numbers reduced
  • books, paper and photocopying materials etc. reduced
  • the decision to cut the number of students to train to become teachers

In the future this will mean

  • teacher shortages
  • increased class sizes
  • impact on teaching and learning, including the new Curriculum for Excellence
  • a cut in equipment (including computers) and materials in schools
  • a reduction in specialist provision, e.g. classroom assistants, learning support and music instructors
  • fewer opportunities to access further and higher education

Today in international comparisons, Scottish education and schools perform well. In the future less investment in education will have an impact on schools, teachers and on young people.

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