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EIS News Items

05 June 2016
West Dunbartonshire Teachers Vote to Accept new Deal
Secondary teachers in West Dunbartonshire have voted to accept a recommended package to end the long running dispute.
26 May 2016
Commitment on Assessment Workload is Welcome - But Doesn't go Far Enough
The EIS has welcomed today’s statement by Education Secretary John Swinney on the need to streamline SQA assessment procedures
24 May 2016
Industrial Action Ballot on SQA Assessment Workload Open
The EIS has opened a statutory industrial action ballot for Secondary teachers...
23 May 2016
Overwhelming Vote for Industrial Action on Qualifications Workload
Action needed to reduce excessive workload
20 May 2016
EIS Issues New Advice on Scottish Government's National Assessment Plans
The EIS has issued interim advice to teachers in relation to the Scottish Government’s National Improvement Framework (NIF) which includes proposals for the introduction of national standardised assessments in all schools.
18 May 2016
Scottish Cabinet Reshuffle - EIS welcomes new Education Secretary
Commenting on the appointment of the new Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:
16 May 2016
EIS Confirms Statutory Industrial Action Ballot over SQA Workload
The EIS has today (Friday) confirmed that it will move to a statutory industrial action ballot in relation to the excessive assessment demands placed on teachers and pupils by the SQA.
16 May 2016
EIS Expresses Disappointment with Result of National Qualifications Review
The EIS has today expressed its disappointment in the final recommendations of the Working Group on Assessments and National Qualifications.
16 May 2016
EIS to Move to Statutory Ballot if Government Group Fails to Cut Workload
Seeking reductions in qualifications-related workload for Secondary teacher
16 May 2016
New Working Group Welcome, But Meaningful Workload Reductions Must be Delivered
The EIS has welcomed today’s announcement of the establishment of a Working Group on Improving School Qualifications.
10 May 2016
EIS Manifesto - Standing up for Scottish Education
The EIS has published its own Manifesto, entitled Standing up for Scottish Education, to highlight our policy priorities for Scottish education during the next parliament.
06 May 2016
FELA Pay Ballot Result
Scotland’s Further Education College Lecturers have given their overwhelming approval to a national pay offer in a ballot organised by the EIS.
26 April 2016
West Dunbartonshire Secondary Teachers' Strike to Continue
Teachers in West Dunbartonshire’s Secondary schools will continue their ongoing campaign against cuts to Principal Teacher posts
21 April 2016
Major Education Hustings to be Live-Streamed Tonight from 7pm
The SEJ Teaching Scotland have joined forces to host an important Education Hustings tonight in Edinburgh.
19 April 2016
EIS Raises PPP/PFI School Concerns at Scottish Trades Union Congress
The EIS has successfully called on the Scottish Trades Union Congress to support the push for a review of PFI/PPP schools, to ensure that all buildings are safe, well maintained and value for money.
19 April 2016
EIS Challenges West Dunbartonshire Council Claims as Dispute Continues
The EIS has written to all West Dunbartonshire councillors in a challenge to the Council over unfounded claims it has made in relation to strike action by secondary teachers.
11 April 2016
Closure of Edinburgh Schools on Safety Grounds
Commenting on Edinburgh Council's decision to temporarily close 17 schools on safety grounds, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said...
29 March 2016
West Dunbartonshire Secondary Teachers Commence Two-Day Strike
Secondary teachers in West Dunbartonshire will today (Wednesday 30 March) commence two-days of strike action in a continuing dispute over cuts to Principal teacher posts in the authority’s Secondary schools.
29 March 2016
Ballot to be held on new FE pay offer - EIS recommends acceptance
New offer on the table for further education lecturers
23 March 2016
SEJ April 2016
The latest edition of the April SEJ with a special election manifesto pull out
21 March 2016
West Dunbartonshire Secondary Teachers to Restart Strike Action
The EIS Emergency Committee gave approval to four more days of strike action in West Dunbartonshire Secondary schools
18 March 2016
EIS Manifesto Urges Holyrood to 'Stand Up for Scottish Education'
The EIS has published its Manifesto for Education ahead of the Scottish Parliament election in May
18 March 2016
Victory in Glasgow Colleges' Strike, but National Pay Dispute Continues
Three Glasgow Further Education colleges have signed the National Recognition and Procedure Agreement
17 March 2016
West Dunbartonshire Secondary Teachers Reject New Council Offer
Revised offer from the Council on the restructuring of promoted posts
17 March 2016
FE Lecturers Across Scotland on Strike Today in Fair Pay Dispute
Further Education Lecturers at colleges across Scotland are on strike today (Thursday 17 March) as a campaign for fair pay and pay equality in Scotland’s colleges escalates.
17 March 2016
Strike Materials
Download a strike leaflet and placards
17 March 2016
Strike Action FAQs
Details of the upcoming strike actions
16 March 2016
FE Lecturers to Strike for Fair Pay after Overwhelming Ballot Result
Lecturers across Scotland are to embark on a programme of sustained strike action
11 March 2016
Gwen Mayor Trust - A Memorial Charity for Nursery & Primary Schools
A Memorial Charity for Nursery & Primary Schools
01 March 2016
Clarification of EIS Position on Statutory LGBTI+ Curriculum
PUBLICATION: Responding to recent comments in the press
01 March 2016
College Reforms Have Largely Failed to Deliver on Promise
Regionalisation and mergers misused as a means of implementing cuts
26 February 2016
New Funding to Tackle Attainment Gap Must be Properly Targeted
Budget to target persistent poverty-related attainment
18 February 2016
EIS Opens Statutory Strike Ballot for Further Education Lecturers
The strike ballot is in support of the EIS Further Education Lecturers Association (EIS-FELA) pay claim for 2015-16
18 February 2016
Indicative Ballot Results
Welcoming a 55% turnout
18 February 2016
West Dunbartonshire Secondary Teachers Hold Second Day of Strike Action
Over 90 percent of those voting rejected the new faculty structure proposal
16 February 2016
Teacher recruitment - Transition Training Fund
Developing skills across the energy sector
11 February 2016
New Independent Report Confirms Value of Teachers in Nurseries
A survey report on the contribution of registered teachers in the early years sector has highlighted the significant value that teachers bring
04 February 2016
EIS Condemns Colleges on Pay Imposition & Calls for Scottish Government Action
Colleges Scotland pursues an imposed pay award on college lecturers
25 January 2016
EIS Welcomes £230m Investment in School Estate
Funding for 'Schools for the Future' Programme announced
25 January 2016
Dundee Secondary Teachers Remain Firmly Opposed to 33 Period Week
Recent survey reveals extent of opposition
25 January 2016
Secondary Teachers in West Dunbartonshire Strike
Secondary teachers in West Dunbartonshire went on strike on Tuesday, 12 January
14 January 2016
College National Bargaining Set to Fail without Scottish Government Action
Cabinet Secretary for Education needs to take direct action
12 January 2016
Teaching of LGBTI+ Issues - EIS Position
Clarification of EIS position
11 January 2016
EIS Offers Qualified Welcome to NIF Announcement
The EIS has welcomed the Scottish Government’s confirmation of the primacy of teacher professional judgement within the NIF but remains unconvinced about the efficacy Standardised Assessments.
21 December 2015
New Independent Research Highlights Value of Teachers in Nursery Education
Quality nursery education is the bed-rock to closing the attainment gap
21 December 2015
EIS Secures Over £290k for Work-Related Injuries to Members
It is essential that all injuries in the workplace are reported
21 December 2015
Bleak Christmas as Local Authorities say 'Humbug' to Teachers' Backdated Pay
Some backdated pay held till March 2016
21 December 2015
Refugees & Migrants Welcome in Scotland's Schools, say EIS
The EIS will be issuing updated practical advice for its Representatives on how to welcome and support young people
21 December 2015
Teachers Report Increase in Hunger and Ill-Health in Pupils
Increase in pupil ill-health
18 December 2015
West Dunbartonshire Secondary Teachers Vote for Industrial Action
Results are in for statutory ballot
15 December 2015
EIS Welcomes Positives in OECD Report - But Challenges Remain
The EIS welcomes the recognition that Scotland’s teachers are ‘engaged and professional’
15 December 2015
Lecturers in Funding Council Protest over College Finance Questions
The demonstration will commence at 2.30pm on Friday 11 December
14 December 2015
EIS Hits Back at Councils Over Teacher Number Failures
Ten local authorities failed to meet their individual agreements on teacher numbers.
09 December 2015
EIS Welcomes Positive News and Continuing Commitment on Teacher Numbers
New Scottish Government statistics, published today, have confirmed that the number of teachers employed across Scotland has held steady.
02 December 2015
EIS Welcomes Teacher Time Guarantee & Boost to School Clothing Grant
New legislation will guarantee primary pupils a minimum of 25 hours teaching time per week
20 November 2015
EIS to Ballot Members for Industrial Action on Qualifications Workload
The decision to open the industrial action ballot has been approved today (Friday) by the EIS Council, having already gained approval of the EIS Executive.
17 November 2015
EIS Raises National Testing Concerns in Evidence to Scottish Parliament
Highlighting concerns over the proposed return to a national system of standardised testing in Scottish schools.