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News Release

EIS welcomes better support for schools on CfE implementation


The Educational Institute for Scotland (EIS) has welcomed today's announcement that the work of school inspectors will be temporarily redirected to support Curriculum for Excellence implementation in secondary schools.

Welcoming the news that Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMIE) would suspend secondary school inspections from August to December and instead focus on supporting secondary schools as they work to implement CfE, the EIS gave a positive reaction to this enhanced support for schools. The EIS also welcomed the announcement of a reduced programme of inspections in primary schools.

Commenting on the HMIE announcement, EIS General Secretary Ronnie Smith said, "The EIS has been calling for better support for schools as they work on the implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence, and now school inspectors will be working to assist in this.

Refocusing the resources of school inspection teams in the short term to allow secondary schools to concentrate their attention on the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence is a common-sense approach which is a significant step in the right direction.”

Mr Smith added, ”With the HMIE now focusing their efforts on providing positive support on CfE, teachers will be able to concentrate on delivering this major programme of curricular improvement. It absolutely makes sense to maximise support for schools in implementing the Curriculum for Excellence rather than concentrating on inspecting and assessing each school's progress at this point in time.

"In these times of tight budgets, it is right to concentrate the limited resources available to support the implementation of CfE. Scottish education needs CfE to succeed, so we must work together to ensure that this will happen.”

Mr Smith continued, "The Cabinet Secretary for Education, Mike Russell, should be commended for facilitating such a positive step to support schools and teachers in implementing CfE.

"We hope that he will also take similar positive steps to ensure that all the resources he is making available for CfE are deployed for their intended purpose. In particular, the EIS hopes that the additional three million pounds of additional funding for moderation of assessment in schools, announced recently by Mr Russell, will be carefully tracked to ensure it is spent for this precise purpose.”

Mr Smith added, "It is also key that all schools should be working to ensure that their school improvement plans make specific reference to the implementation of CfE, and that those plans should be used to allow schools to gauge their progress.

"This should be an important area of emphasis for HMIE as they work to support schools in their implementation programmes. A whole school approach, based around collegiate working and the participation of staff at all levels, will be absolutely essential to the success of CfE.

"By providing additional, focused support for all schools on CfE, the implementation process will be given a boost at the start of the new school term in August. Today's announcement is only one step in the process, but it is a significant step and will allow schools to focus their attention on delivering CfE and all that it offers for Scotland's pupils today and in the future”, said Mr Smith.