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News Release

EIS gives class sizes regulations a guarded welcome

"The EIS today is giving a guarded welcome to the Regulations announced by Education Secretary Michael Russell to legally limit primary one class sizes at 25.”  Drew Morrice, Assistant Secretary, said "The previous Government sought to introduce class size maxima by circular, and the present administration has simply invited councils to move towards class size reductions.  Both approaches laid councils open to challenge on placing requests.

"The Regulations will bring certainty to provision across the country and avoid the "post code” lottery in class sizes across Scottish councils.  However, this limit is less than the Government’s manifesto commitment to reduce Primary 1 to Primary 3 classes to 18 "as quickly as possible” and less than EIS policy of class sizes being a maximum of 20.

"This should not be a one step solution.  Provision must be extended to Primary 2 and Primary 3 as soon as practicable and thereafter to all stages of education, both primary and secondary, to provide coherent provision which will be understood, and welcomed, by parents.  Otherwise, the momentum of this Regulation will be lost.”