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FELA college contacts E-G


Edinburgh College
Main switchboard tel: 0131 669 4400
Granton Campus,
350 West Granton Road,
Edinburgh EH5 1QE
Tel: 0131 559 4000
Fax: 0131 559 4111
Milton Road Campus,
24 Milton Road
East, Edinburgh EH15 2NE
Midlothian Campus
46 Dalhousie Road,
Midlothian EH22 3FR

Tel: 0131 344 7000
Fax:0131 344 7001
Sighthill Campus
Bankhead Avenue, Sighthill, Edinburgh EH11 4DE
Tel: 0131 535 4600
Fax: 0131 535 4666
Principal: Ms Annette Bruton
Branch Secretary: Penny Gower
Branch Convener: Mike Cowley (Granton Campus)
Depute Secretary: Liz Brown (Sighthill Campus)
Depute Convener: Daniel Holland (Milton Road Campus)
Health & Safety Rep: Donny Gluckstein (Sighthill Campus)
Campus H&S Reps: Donny Gluckstein (Sighthill Campus)
Colin Arthur (Sighthill Campus)
John Russell (Telford Campus)
James Wason (Granton Campus)
Polly Phillips (Milton Road Campus)
George Gordon (Midlothian Campus)
Union Learning Rep: Carol Paterson (Sighthill Campus)
Campus Secretaries: John Ryan (Midlothian Campus)
Kevin Scally (Milton Road Campus)
Richard Bisset (Granton Campus)
Colin Arthur (Sighthill Campus)
Equality Rep: Polly Phillips (Milton Road Campus)
BoM Staff Rep: Vacant


St Brycedale Campus

St Brycedale Avenue,
Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 1EX
Tel: 01592 223400
Fax: 01592 223402                                              

Halbeath Campus
Halbeath, Dunfermline,
Fife KY11 8DY
Tel: 0844 248 0115 Fax: 01383 845001 

Cupar Campus
Carslogie Road, Cupar KY15 4JB
Tel: 01334 658800

  Stenton Campus
Stenton Road, Glenrothes, KY6 2RA
Principal: Mr Hugh Hall
Branch Secretary: Alison Davidson (St Brycedale Campus)
Branch Convener: Peter Bradbeer (St Brycedale Campus)
Depute Secretary: Mary Burgess (Halbeath Campus)
Depute Convener:

Danny Keenan (St Brycedale Campus)

Health & Safety Rep:

Danny Keenan (St Brycedale Campus)
Martin McKenzie (Rosyth Campus)
Jim Guyan 
(St Brycedale Campus)

BoM Staff Rep: Vacant



Forth Valley College
Grangemouth Road, Falkirk FK2 9AD
Tel: 01324 403000 Fax: 01324 403222

Principal: Mr Ken Thomson
Branch Secretary: Alison Stephen
Branch Convener: Billy McChord
Depute Secretary: Ruth Davis
Depute Convener: Gordon Berry
Health & Safety Rep:

Gordon Berry
George Walls
Jack McCluskey

Union Learning Rep: Vacant
Equalities Rep: Vacant

BoM Staff Rep:

Alison Stephen       



Main switchboard tel: 0141 272 9000
Anniesland Campus
Hatfield Campus, 19 Hatfield Drive, Glasgow G12 0YE
Tel: 0141 357 3969 Fax: 0141 357 6557
Cardonald Campus
690 Mosspark Drive, Glasgow G52 3AY
Tel: 0141 272 3333 Fax: 0141 272 3444
Langside Campus
50 Prospecthill Road, Glasgow G42 9LB
Tel: 0141 272 3600 Fax: 0141 632 5252
Principal: Jon Vincent
Branch Secretary: Paula Dixon, (Anniesland Campus)
Branch Convener: Bill French, (Anniesland Campus)
Campus Secretary: Peter Laverie (Cardonald Campus)
Danny Shearer (Cardonald Campus)
Campus Convener: Louise Thomson (Langside Campus)
Health & Safety Rep: Stewart Cumming (Anniesland Campus)
Alastair MacLeod (Cardonald Campus)
Al Edwards (Langside Campus)
Union Learning Rep: John Archibald (Cardonald Campus)

BoM Staff Rep:

Stephen Henson (Cardonald Campus)


East End Campus
2 Haghill Road, GLASGOW G31 3SR
Tel:  0141 588 1500 Fax:  0141 588 1503 
formerly John Wheatley College

Springburn Campus
123 Flemington Street, GLASGOW G21 4TD
Tel: 0141 558 9001 Fax: 0141 558 9905
formerly North Glasgow College
West End Campus

75 Hotspur Street
G20 8LJ

Easterhouse Campus
1200 Westerhouse, GLASGOW G34 9HZ

Principal: Alan Sherry
Branch Secretary: Pam Currie (Easterhouse Campus)
Branch Convener: Phil Storrier (Springburn Campus)
Depute Secretary: Jill Montgomery (Springburn Campus)

Depute Convener: 


Health & Safety Rep:
Grace MacRae (Springburn Campus)
Union Learning Rep: Alison MacLeod (Springburn Campus)
BoM Staff Rep:

Pam Currie (Easterhouse Campus)

 Equalities Rep: Iain Cameron (Springburn Campus)