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Payplan - No Time Like the Present

"I donít have time.Ē

Everyone is familiar with the phrase.

People are busier today than ever before. Between work, children, maintaining a household and a social life, itís very easy to put less desirable tasks off for another day.

But by finding the time to take control of your finances, once and for all, youíll have more free time and peace of mind to enjoy the more pleasurable things in life.

Start by making small changes to your finances, as making drastic changes can often be unrealistic.

Small, gradual changes are easier to manage and sustain over time, so set yourself weekly goals and look at basic ways to start reducing your outgoings.

Take a look at our top tips for making some simple, savvy changes. 

  • Dedicate one evening at the end of each month to sit down and review your most recent bank statement. Youíll quickly realise in what areas youíre overspending and where you can make a few savings.
  • If you get the urge to splurge during the day, leave your debit cards at home. This way, youíll have no option Ė however tempting the café is around the corner.  
  • Work out how much money you have left after youíve paid all your bills. Take that amount out of the bank and make it last all month. You can dedicate some to shopping, some to social occasions but once itís gone, itís gone. Youíll soon discover if youíre overspending in one area and can adapt the month after.
  • Before you embark on your next supermarket trip, save money and time by sitting down and planning each meal for the week ahead, checking your cupboards as you go along and making a list of exactly what you need.
  • If you want to save even more time, get your shopping delivered to you. Shopping online can also save you money by reducing the temptation to impulse buy. Once youíve done one online shop, you can save your favorites for next time, saving you the hassle of writing out another list.

Once you start generating good behaviour with money, youíll be amazed at how much you could save.

If managing your money month on month is proving difficult, PayPlan are working with the EIS to help members take control of their money. For help and advice, call PayPlan on 0800 9127 261 today.



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