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Education and Professional Publications

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07 October 2016
Sustain The Ambition
Introducing our new publication: Sustain The Ambition
16 March 2016
EIS Manifesto - Standing up for Scottish Education
The EIS has published its own Manifesto, entitled Standing up for Scottish Education, to highlight our policy priorities for Scottish education during the next parliament.
12 February 2016
Study: Contribution of teachers as part of Early Learning & Childcare
'Sustaining the Ambition’: The contribution of GTCS-registered teachers as part of the Early Learning and Childcare Workforce in Scotland.
17 November 2015
Response to Consultation on National Improvement Framework
EIS on Proposed Stage 2 Amendment to the Education Bill: National Improvement Framework
01 September 2015
National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education
BRIEFING: An interim response to discussions concerning the establishment of a National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education
20 May 2015
EIS Submission on the Education Scotland Bill 2015
PUBLICATION: The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) welcomes this opportunity to provide an initial written submission on the key elements which are included in the new Education (Scotland) Bill.
11 May 2015
Senior Phase Subject Options: Summary Report *
PUBLICATION: In response to two Resolutions, the Committee decided to issue an FOI to Local Authorities
12 May 2014
Route Maps Through Assessment
GUIDELINES: Advice and support for assessment
15 January 2014
SQA Additional Support Materials for Nationals
PUBLICATION: SQA Additional Support Materials for Nationals
04 December 2012
Scottish Texts in Higher and National 5
12 November 2012
Review of GTCS Professional Standards
A full copy of the EIS response to the Review of GTCS Professional Standards
17 May 2012
Code Of Practice On Working Time Arrangements For Teachers
CODE OF PRACTICE: Advice on Working Time Agreements and Development Work
17 May 2012
Policy and Advice: School Improvement Plan
POLICY: Advice on Working Time Agreements and Development Work
10 May 2012
UCAS – Admissions Process Review
CONSULTATION: The EIS has concerns that the proposals have been based on systems and structures in England and Wales and that the significant difficulties the proposals would cause in Scotland have not been considered.
10 May 2012
EIS Response: GTCS Consultation on a Scheme of Professional Update
CONSULTATION: The EIS recognises the progress made in the development of this scheme from the unacceptable concept of re-accreditation.
10 May 2012
The Doran Review – Call for Evidence
CONSULTATION: The Scottish Government commissioned the Doran Review to consider whether the current education system is achieving the best possible outcomes for children and young people with additional needs
13 March 2012
Education Scotland Inspections - EIS Advice to Members
ADVICE: to Members on School Inspections
12 October 2011
RME and Religious Observance – A Position Paper
PUBLICATION: Short paper to support schools in developing their understanding of the complementary but distinct concepts of personal search in Religious Observance (RO) and Relig
01 February 2011
Nursery Education: Full Research Review Report 2010
PUBLICATION: This research review, which was prepared for the EIS Working Group on Nursery
01 February 2011
Nursery Education: Research Report 2010 Intro
PUBLICATION: This research review, which was prepared for the EIS Working Group on Nursery
31 January 2011
Early Education in Scotland: Booklet
PUBLICATION: Early Education in Scotland: Working to provide the best for Scotland’s youngest learners. Summary booklet of the Nursery Education 2010 Research Report
08 July 2010
Multi-stage composite classes *
PUBLICATION: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi-stage Composite Classes
05 July 2010
Future Structure of Schools Management in Scotland
PUBLICATION: Call for Evidence by the Scottish Parliament Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee
23 June 2010
Section B&C - Review of teacher education in Scotland
PUBLICATION: Section B & C - Review of teacher education in Scotland
18 February 2009
Importance of Nursery Education *
PUBLICATION: EIS Leaflet on the importance of Nursery Education for 3 & 4 year olds
18 February 2009
Health Promoting Schools
PUBLICATION: An EIS response for teachers in schools on healthy eating, physical activity and emotional well-being for teachers and pupils.
03 December 2008
Reducing Class Sizes *
PUBLICATION: The EIS have recently published the attached booklet on Class Sizes.
30 August 2008
Chartered Teacher Review
PUBLICATION: Review of Standard for Chartered Teacher : EIS Response
01 February 2008
National Assessments, A Curriculum for Excellence and The Crerar Review *
PUBLICATION: A Position Paper
05 September 2007
Inclusive Education *
PUBLICATION: Report of the EIS Committee on Inclusive Education by George MacBride, convener of the EIS Education Committee
01 May 2007
EIS Manifesto - Nursery Education *
PUBLICATION: Scotland has a long and proud history of providing nursery education
01 May 2007
LA Model Constitution *
PUBLICATION: Model Constitution for a Local Association (Revised June 2004) and approved by Executive Council.
01 May 2007
Learning for Life *
PUBLICATION: More and more young people and adult learners are benefiting from Further and Higher Education in Scotland. Links between Further Education and schools grow closer through the school/college partnerships and through Skills for Work courses.
01 May 2007
National Constitution 2006 *
PUBLICATION: Constitution of the Educational Institute of Scotland including Royal Charters, Rules and Regulations and Standing Orders.
01 May 2007
New & Refurbished Schools Survey *
PUBLICATION: EIS Survey on new and refurbished schools financed through PFI and PPP.
01 May 2007
Nursery Education: providing for Scotland's 3 & 4 year olds *
PUBLICATION: EIS Leaflet on the importance of Nursery Education for 3 & 4 year olds.
01 May 2007
Placement of Student Teachers *
PUBLICATION: Issues of support by schools and partnership working involving schools, local authorities and universities.
01 May 2007
Pupil Indiscipline *
PUBLICATION: Pupil indiscipline is probably the biggest concern today in Scottish schools for parents, teachers and pupils themselves
01 May 2007
Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Research *
PUBLICATION: Survey by the EIS on teachers' perceptions of working with SEBD pupils.
01 May 2007
TNS Survey on Promoted Posts *
PUBLICATION: TNS System Three Survey, commissioned by the EIS, on promoted post structures in secondary schools.
01 March 2007
Parental Involvement Act *
PUBLICATION: The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 was passed by the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 10 May 2006 and received Royal Assent on Wednesday 14 June 2006.
26 May 2005
Classroom Observation and Monitoring *
ADVICE: For Members on Classroom Observation And Monitoring
09 July 2004
Education (Additional Support for Learning Act) *
ADVICE: For Members on the Education (Additional Support for Learning Act) (Scotland) 2004.
01 August 2001
Human Rights Act: Implications for Education
PUBLICATION: A brief guide to the possible employment implications of the Human Rights Act 1998.
01 August 2001
Human Rights Act: Information for Schools
PUBLICATION: A leaflet giving the rights, concepts and implications for schools of the Human Rights Act.