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Equality Policies

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01 December 2016
Prevent Duty Guidance
Advice to members on Prevent Duty
09 December 2014
Updated LGBT Guidelines
ADVICE; LGBT: This guidance has been updated to take into account the Equality Act 2010
10 June 2013
Asylum Seekers and Refugees
ADVICE; ANTI-RACISM: Advice on supporting initiatives to end racism against asylum seekers and refugees.
10 June 2013
Challenging Racism
ADVICE; ANTI-RACISM: Challenging racism is part of our responsibility as educators. It is about creating a culture of equality and respect. It is about allowing all learners, children and young people to achieve their potential.
10 June 2013
Teaching and Disability
POLICY; DISABILITY: It is important that those with disabilities have the opportunity to fulfil their potential in all areas of learnining and work. The teaching profession should be no different from any other profession in this respect.
30 April 2013
Bullying and Harassment
POLICY; ANTI-ABUSE: EIS policy document and advice on tackling bullying and harassment in education.
30 April 2013
Challenging Sexism
ADVICE; GENDER: All educational establishments and local authorities are required to comply with sex discrimination legislation. There should be clear policies and guidance to help teachers and all staff to promote gender equality.
30 April 2013
Violence against Women
ADVICE; ANTI-ABUSE: Effects of gender related violence and domestic abuse at work - what can trade unions do to help?
01 November 2012
Dating Abuse Policy
03 February 2012
Anti-Racist Policy Booklet
POLICY; ANTI-RACISM: The EIS recognises the importance of anti-racist policies and the role of education in combating racism and xenophobia. The development and implementation of anti-racist policies is the responsibility of every member of the EIS.
01 May 2007
ADVICE; ANTI-RACISM & RELIGION: Advice and guidance on combatting Islamophobia and racism against the background of recent events but which apply in any conflict situation.