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EIS Raises PPP/PFI School Concerns at Scottish Trades Union Congress

19 April 2016 

The EIS has successfully called on the Scottish Trades Union Congress to support the push for a review of PFI/PPP schools, to ensure that all buildings are safe, well maintained and value for money.

The EIS has long held concerns over the value and cost of PFI/PPP projects, while the recent emergency closure of 17 Edinburgh schools has raised serious concerns over the quality and safety of projects delivered under the PFI/PPP model.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "The recent developments concerning PFI built schools in Edinburgh have led to significant disruption for students, staff and parents.

"Whilst the EIS acknowledges the need for immediate interim arrangements to ensure that teaching and learning takes place in safe and secure environments, significant questions have been raised about the use of the PFI / PPP model to procure public sector building works.

"These questions are based on the operational regime around the construction of such works, and not least the ongoing cost to the public purse of PFI/PPP projects, particularly through ongoing maintenance arrangements, at a time of austerity-driven budget restraint.”

Mr Flanagan added, "The EIS believes there is a clear need for an independent inquiry into both the specific circumstances of the Edinburgh schools contract but also more broadly into the PFI / PPP model, with a view to ensuring ongoing value for money to the public purse and the safety of PFI /PPP built projects.”