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Standardised Assessment won't Close gap or Overcome Poverty

Thursday 2 June 2016

Commenting today following today’s First Minister’s Questions and answers on the National Improvement Framework and standardised assessment, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said:

"The National Improvement Framework is about more than standardised assessments, despite the constant political and press focus on what is one quite narrow assessment instrument.”

"Standardised assessments may support teacher professional judgement about progress through the CfE levels but on their own they absolutely won't close the attainment gap nor address the impact of poverty on educational achievement.”

"The key issue is how any assessment data is used by teachers to support pupil learning, which is why the new standardised assessments are being designed not to produce a raw score but to analyse pupil strengths and weaknesses so that learning can be improved –diagnostic and predictive in nature.”

"Politicians should stop treating schools as a battleground for their own often narrow agendas. The Tories, in particular, seem keen to champion the type of high stakes testing we see in England, SATS, which we know serve to deepen the attainment gap rather than closing it. These have quite rightly been rejected by Scottish Government.”

Mr Flanagan also highlighted EIS advice on NIF which was sent recently to all members:

"The recent EIS advice is based on our active involvement in the NIF discussions, during which various iterations of the proposal were produced, discussed and amended.

"The Scottish Government has sought to have a dialogue with the profession in its plans and the EIS has been pleased to engage in constructive discussion.”