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EIS Calls for Increased Funding and Resources for Named Person

Thursday 28 July 2016

Commenting in response to today’s ruling to reject the introduction of the Scottish Government’s named person scheme, Larry Flanagan, General Secretary of the EIS said:

"Whilst the EIS has been broadly supportive of the principle of the named person service, the court ruling today on information sharing concerns will require further thinking on the part of Scottish Government.

"We would urge the Government to review, also, the level of resources being provided to support scheme implementation as the EIS view is that current proposals fall short of meeting the additional staffing and training which will be required to deliver a workable scheme and prevent additional workload burdens being heaped on already stretched schools.”

Mr Flanagan continued, "Teachers are concerned about new demands likely to be made of them which will have implications for workload and potentially for conditions of service.

"Teachers are already suffering from a heavy workload burden and it is important implementation of the Named Person scheme does not exaggerate this burden and impact negatively on the educational experience of Scotland’s children and young people."

"In order for the intentions of the legislation to be delivered, significant additional resources will be required in the form of administrative and teaching staff in order to facilitate any additional engagement with parents, multi-agency liaison and information-sharing. Significant investment in high quality training will also be essential.”

He added, "These are very real concerns which need to be questioned and thoroughly investigated before the scheme is rolled out across the country."