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Deep cuts to Support Staff are bad news for D&G Schools

16 September 2016

The EIS has voiced serious concerns over the recent decision by Dumfries & Galloway (D&G) Council to axe the equivalent of 62 Full-Time classroom support staff from the authority’s schools.

The cuts have led to deep job cuts for Classroom Assistants and Support for Learning Assistants – many of them part-time workers and most of them women – while having a detrimental impact on the learning and teaching environment in the authority’s schools.

Commenting on the cuts, EIS D&G Local Association Secretary John Dennis said, "These deep cuts to classroom support staff have cost many dedicated workers their jobs and are having a damaging impact in schools throughout Dumfries and Galloway.

"The loss of these staff has removed a valuable source of support for pupils and increased the workload of teachers.

"These cuts run contrary to the national drive to raise attainment and cut the poverty-related attainment gap that persists in our schools.

"Support staff, teachers and parents are united in their anger at these profoundly damaging cuts, and the EIS will continue to work, along with support staff unions, to fight any further proposed reductions to school staff numbers.”

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan added, "The scale of the support staff cuts in Dumfries & Galloway’s schools is truly shocking.

"The loss of dedicated support staff is heaping ever more workload pressure on already overburdened teachers, with the impact being felt particularly acutely in primary schools.

"There was a lack of consultation with trade unions regarding these cuts, with little or no regard for the impact on staff and pupils in Dumfries & Galloway’s schools.

"At a time when raising attainment, tackling the impact of poverty, and reducing excessive teacher workload are key national priorities, these cuts in Dumfries & Galloway will only serve to make an already difficult situation even worse for pupils and teachers in the authority’s schools.”